For years, the media has portrayed the post-coital cigarette as the perfect pleasure. Cliché perhaps, but the cigarette has long been synonymous with sex and sophistication. Can the vape satisfy lovers in the same way?

In 1988, Philip Morris USA, one-third of the Big Tobacco triumvirate, asked more than 400,000 smokers about their smoking habits, and found that more than half of respondents regularly lit up after sex. Three decades later, the practice is not only very much alive, but has evolved with trends.

The word cigarette might make an etymologist (someone who studies the origin of words) assume they were meant to target women – cigars for men, cigar-ettes for ladies – but before the 20th century, smoking by women in western society was associated with loose morals and sexual behaviour.

In a marketing offensive designed to appeal to women, the union of sex and smoking was promoted on the big screen, suggesting that smoking was sultry and glamorous. The 1967 film The Graduate, portrays original cougar Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson taking a drag after one of her many sexual encounters with the bumbling young Ben Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman. Pulp Fiction’s iconic image of Mia Wallace gazing into the camera wreathed in smoke from her cigarette has perpetuated our cultural beliefs that sex and smoking go hand-in-hand.

People smoke after sex for several different reasons: habit; relaxation; or for a hit of nicotine that gets the blood pumping faster again, but how does the traditional trend translate for the vaping generation?

Obviously, any vape liquid containing nicotine will satisfy that particular craving. While vaping after sex is popular and satisfying, according to social polling, vapers claim not to crave an e-cig after sex in the same was as a traditional cigarette. Vapes don’t generate the aroma of cigarette smoke, and being in a cloud of vapour is a far more pleasant atmosphere for languishing lovers.

Vaping after sex could become the cliché of the future: cloud number ten to the nine you’re on already.

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Written by Kelly Regan-Mears.