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In October 2015, the UK government passed a law banning smoking in cars which contained children. Although vaping is currently exempt, and while, technically, vaping while driving is not in itself illegal, motorists can and do face prosecution if caught vaping at the wheel. We look at the punishments which vapers could face, and how best to avoid them.

Vaping while driving leaves you open to prosecution for driving without due care and attention. Punishments range from a fine of up to £2,500, as many as nine penalty points on your licence and even a disqualification from driving. Anything which distracts your attention from the road has the potential to land you in trouble.

I can see clearly now

Vaping can create large vapour clouds, which compromise driver vision. The clouds have the potential to momentarily obscure driver vision and therefore increase the risk of a crash. It’s not just immediate vapour either: vapour hangs around and all e-liquids, even high PG juice produce mist.

Vape and drive, and you risk not seeing the inside of your vehicle at all, after getting a driving ban for breaking the law. And don’t forget, vaping passengers can also compromise your vision. Vape residue is difficult to remove, too.

Don’t drip and drive

It surely goes without saying that fiddling with your e-cig while you’re driving is no better than sending a text, applying make-up or reading a book. If you’re distracted, you’re driving without due care and attention; you’re breaking the law.

Find a secure place to store your e-cig for your journey, preferably not a pocket. You want to avoid any potential for it to fall and be unreachable, and start firing while it’s out of your reach, which will further distract you. The centre console is a convenient storing place, or you could opt for a bespoke e-cig holder. Just don’t use it while you’re in motion.

Vape me up before you go-go

As tempting as it might be to vape while you’re on the move, it remains illegal. Furthermore, the risks and consequences aren’t worth a cloud, no matter how large and tasty it might be.

Enjoy a vape before you set off, and take regular breaks on your journey if it’s a long one – tiredness kills as surely as distractions.

Reunite with your vape when it’s safe to do so – you’ll get to enjoy it for longer.

Written by Kelly Regan-Mears.