Since 2012, the NHS’ Stoptober campaign has been supporting people across England to quit smoking, encouraging them to take the challenge each October, to stop smoking for 28 days.

Research suggests that if you stop smoking for 28 days, you are up to five times more likely to stop for good. The campaign’s premise is simple: stop smoking to feel healthier, save money and protect yourself and others from the effects of smoking. And with support ranging from apps to chatbots, the campaign is achieving its objectives.

By 2017, the challenge had inspired more than 1.5 million quit attempts, and more than half (53%) of people who took last year’s challenge opted to use an e-cigarette as their quitting aid. The campaign’s TV adverts featured e-cigs too, in an attempt to do more to encourage smokers keen to try vaping as a quit method.

Professor John Newton, Director of Health Improvement at PHE said: “E-cigarettes are now the most popular way to quit in the country… so if you’ve struggled with quitting before, an e-cigarette may be the best option for you.”

And it’s an opinion shared by Robert West, Professor of Health Psychology and Director of Tobacco Studies at University College London: “Quitting success rates are higher than ever. I think the advances and wider choice of effective quitting options and a strong anti-smoking culture are fuelling this acceleration.”

If you’re keen to join the thousands of people going smoke free, it’s important that you use a quit method that’s right for you. That means selecting the right vape device, and an e-liquid of the right nicotine strength to satisfy your cravings. Rechargeable e-cigarettes with refillable tanks deliver nicotine faster than disposable models. Heavier smokers might consider trying vape pens, pods and mods, where as a cigalike might work better for lighter smokers.

Join in with Stoptober and benefit from all the free support it offers. The Stoptober app delivers information and advice directly to your phone or tablet, and you can sign up to receive free support via emails Facebook Messenger or face-to-face, as well as access to all the information available on the website.

If you’d like help choosing the right e-cig and liquid as your quit method, talk to your local vape shop, or Stop Smoking Service.

Written by Kelly Regan-Mears.