As we reach the end of Stoptober, we’re keen to hear what the NHS has to say about the number of people who met the challenge, using a vape device as their quitting aid.

More than half (53%) of people who took the Stoptober challenge in 2017 opted to use an e-cigarette as their quitting aid. The NHS has been supporting people across England to quit smoking through its Stoptober campaign since 2012, but it wasn’t until last year that the adverts attempted to encourage smokers to try vaping as a quit method, when they featured e-cigarettes for the first time.

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the number of e-cigarette users who responded to the 2017 survey question “main reason for using e-cigarettes” with “Aid to stop smoking” was (c.) 48,800, an increase of almost 10%.

Vaping on corner-shop or garage-bought devices isn’t going to provide you with the optimum vaping experience, and if you don’t enjoy vaping to the max, you are more likely to move away from your e-cig and quit quitting.

If you’ve been meeting Stoptober armed with a vaping device, then it might be time to invest in the right device for your vaping future.

Don’t be seduced by low price points – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If you’re tempted to buy cloned equipment, you can expect you won’t get the best vape experience you can achieve. Poor quality technology will not only spoil your vape, it can be dangerous.

There are hundreds of places selling e-cigarettes, but you need a proper vape retailer if you want to speak to someone when it comes to choosing and purchasing your device. We recommend purchasing your equipment from a known manufacturer or a reputable vape shop. Forums are great for feedback on all things vape, but remember that the right kit for you is as personal as your tastes in e-liquid.

Whether you met Stoptober’s challenge, or are otherwise new to vaping and are keen to stay on the vaping trail, then buy wisely and you’ll be armed with a device that will see you through Stopvember, Stopcember and the happy new year that will follow.

Written by Kelly Regan-Mears.