Christmas is coming, there’s no doubt about that. And with the season of good cheer comes a season of bad weather (usually).

Changes in the weather can change your vaping experience.

Here are some tips for ensuring the autumn and winter don’t leave you out in the cold when it comes to vaping.

Lower temperatures thicken your e-liquids. The higher the VG, the greater the risk of thickening. Leaving them in your car overnight, or exposing them to prolonged periods of colder weather than cause e-liquids to crystallise, making them likely to damage your device if you try to use them. It’s also worth remembering that clouds don’t dissipate as quickly in cold weather. It might be time to switch to PG liquids, which cope far better with British winters.

Batteries are affected by lower temperatures too. Recharging takes longer and cooler batteries won’t operate at their maximum voltage. Keep your batteries tucked away somewhere warm(ish) and never try changing them outside unless you want a compromised vaping experience. Once the battery’s charge hold is compromised, there’s no coming back to full performance, and you’ll need to invest in a new one. It’s also a good time to try using a larger devices: the more batteries it holds and the larger they are, the more resilience your device will have against the cold.

If you’re facing particularly harsh conditions, you might like to consider a mod made of a less-conductive material, such as plastic or resin compound. Swap metal drip tips for glass or plastic, or even wood. The less conductive materials will also be kinder to your skin than cold metal!

It’s not just cold that affects your device – it’s the rain too. Moisture in your e-cig is going to upset the circuitry, and trounce your tank, so make sure you’re vaping somewhere waterproof. Getting your battery wet is another way to compromise its power and recharging qualities.

If all this sounds complicated, the easiest way to keep your vaping device safe in changing temperatures is to treat it the same way you treat your mobile phone. Taking care of it will guarantee a far richer vaping experience.

Written by Kelly Regan-Mears.