If the media is to be believed, vapers are in their 20s and 30s, male, and probably have tattoos. Of course that’s rubbish, but there are a number of vaping personalities emerging.

Which are you?

When it comes to my vaping device I want something that is…

• fashionable
• state of the art
• efficient
• a vaping device

I like to choose my e-liquid flavour according to my…

• destination
• friends
• mood
• favourite

I enjoy…

• vaping
• everything about vaping
• clouds
• talking about vaping

I tend to choose e-liquids with…

• blended content
• funny or rude names
• high-VG content
• nicotine content
If you answered mostly A you’re probably a Connoisseur

The Connoisseur is passionate about their e-liquids. Focused on the experience of vaping, they’ll be au fait with flavour profiles and the warmth and depth each brings.

Style is important to the Connoisseur, and their e-cigarette will be event-appropriate, and usually elegant. They will enjoy vaping after a meal, preferably in comfort and with a good quality beverage at their elbow. They are quite likely to change their liquid to suit their outfit.

If you answered mostly B you’re probably a Geek

Don’t be offended by the term Geek – it means you know more about the technicalities and practicalities of vaping than the average person. Geeks often have a scientific bent and are prone to be hobbyist vapers. They know the difference between the mechanical mod and the regulated, their boxes from their tanks, and cartomisers and clearomisers.

Prepared to sacrifice cig-a-like style for power and a longer battery life, the Geek is most likely of all vapers to be prepared and can be relied upon to have spare coils and chargers to hand.

If you answered mostly C you’re probably a Mystic

Mystics put the om in ohm. You’ll find them vaping anywhere they may surrounded by thick and aromatic clouds of VG-rich vapour with minimal, if any, nicotine content.

Most likely to be vaping advocates, they will have a decent bit of kit with which to perform tricks. They’ll encourage people to join the cloud chase, and can be relied upon to help beginners find their way round the vaping culture.

If you answered mostly D you’re probably a Novice

Novices are either entirely new to vaping or a recent beginner and may opt for e-liquids with tobacco taste and/or nicotine content. This group rivals the Mystic for highest consumption based on volumes, but clouds are much smaller.

Novices can be easily identified due to their preference for cigalikes, graduating to a decent beginner’s kit. They’ll like to talk about their journey from analog to vape, they’ll read a lot and will talk a lot about vaping. A lot.