Vaping is the practice of inhaling and exhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or a similar device. Some years back, electronic cigarettes were uncommon and unknown to most people. Although they are more popular nowadays, they are still a mystery to some people. Unfortunately, some smokers are not well informed about vaping. To help put the record straight and shed more light on vaping, below are some critical facts every smoker should know about vaping.

Around 5-6 million people die each year from tobacco-related diseases. About a third of these deaths are due to cancer. Some studies reveal that those who switch from ordinary cigarettes to e-cigarettes escape the hordes of toxins and cancer-causing cells that regular smokers are exposed to. Additionally, electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. The other 5% include a potential risk of nicotine addiction.

Vaping is cheaper than smoking

Vaping is much less expensive than smoking. Even though a pack of cigarettes seems to be less costly in the short-term, this is not the case for vaping, which is cheaper in the long run.

Cigarettes cannot be used long-term, as they are disposed of quickly. On the other hand, vaping tools and e-cigarettes are reusable. All you need to buy is liquid. You can buy the replacement parts, and they usually last for months or years. The cost of the kit will pay for itself in a day compared to ordinary cigarettes, and by the time you need to buy a bottle of the liquid, you will have already saved yourself the cost of about five packs of cigarettes. As a precaution and for your own good, you should buy vaping supplies from reliable sellers, for example Epuffer, who delivers top quality kits at competitive prices.

To quit or to switch

To quit smoking is a challenging task. Most of the smokers out there have tried to quit smoking for more than one occasion; whether you use the common cold turkey, hypnotherapy, or gums methods, the failure rate is above 90%. The truth behind this reality is that people are unable to quit, not because they enjoy smoking, but due to their addiction to the nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes.

Smoke cessation aids, such as nicotine gum, makes it a bit easier to quit something you enjoy. But with electronic cigarettes it’s different. You don’t stop doing it; you do it in a better and healthier way.

When you switch to the e-cigarette, you have the freedom to decide how much nicotine you want. Additionally, there is a wide range of flavors that you can choose from to customize your whole experience. Also, vaping is cheaper, 95% safer, and more socially acceptable than smoking.

Bottom line

Smokers should understand that vaping is safer than smoking, and cheaper .They could use vaping to stop smoking but will still need to keep using e-cigs to have their nicotine supply which is still harmful to their health. However, they will avoid the tons of toxins that come with burning tobacco .With vaping the toxins are fewer since there is no combustion. Those who neither smoke nor vape should keep off both habits as both have negative health effects although vaping has fewer.