Voopoo Rota: a product review of their latest release
High quality designLong lasting pod lifeLong battery lifeEfficient
Fidget spinner design won't appeal to everyonePod can form bubbles if filled too quicklyOnly comes with one pod supplied
4.0Possibly one of the best Pod systems for Performance
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Voopoo have followed their huge releases recently with arguably the most diversive and hidden gem on the market today. The Voopoo Rota sees Voopoo enter the pod market in a big way offering a pod system that has a very unique feature, a fidget spinner design. The name deriving from the gimmick, is the Rota more than just a clever sales pitch? In such a saturated market, it takes something special to stand out in terms of a pod device and potentially, have Voopoo done enough? Let’s take a look and see.

What’s in the box

  • Voopoo Rota device
  • Voopoo Rota pod
  • USB cable
  • User manual


  • Size: 79x37x14mm
  • Battery: 340mAh (internal)
  • Power: 6-10W
  • Material: Zinc Alloy / PCTG Plastic
  • Pod resistance: 1.5ohm
  • Weight: 63g
  • Bottom fill pod
  • Pod capacity: 1.8ml refillable
  • Fidget spinner body

About the Voopoo Rota

The Rota is a small rhombus pod design that comes equipped with a fidget spinner gimmick. The device is a 360 mAh internal battery device with bottom USB port and indicator light.  The device is a automatic draw system meaning no buttons to fire, simply vape away.  The device takes around 60 minutes via USB port to fully charge with the cable provided. Charging is done via USB cable into a USB port rather than directly into the mains much like a simpler device.

The pod is a 1.8 mil capacity pod with 1.5ohm coil inside.  t features both bottom fill design via Silicone plug and bottom airflow providing a restricted MTL vape.  It simply slots into place and is ready to use, priming takes around 15 minutes to let the cotton soak the Eliquid in. The pod comes compatible with both regular E-liquid and nicotine salts.

The fidget spinner design is a bottom heavy mechanism which allows the pod to self right after spinning for convenience. It’s placed directly in the middle of the device with a big flat button with printed design. The device has no leaking when spinning to ensure quality of experience.

Voopoo Rota pros

The device, I must admit, performs really well compared to many others I have tried recently. The small battery life does seem to last all day using sparingly and even at regular use it will give you several hours before requiring a charge. Flavour from the pods is a huge plus due to the restricted airflow, providing strong flavour from simple liquids and good airflow for the restricted MTL vaping style. Juice consumption from the pod is extremely efficient and will last you all day and the longer draw option from the pod allows you to control vapour production also. The device feels really well made with a metallic body, lovely paint design and nice weight to it. The fidget spinner design is well made, with the device being bottom heavy to allow for the pod to self right itself after spinning.  The whole device feels really easy to use and the size makes it extremely portable as well to carry about with you all day without any leaking or buttons to misfire.

Voopoo Rota cons

The fidget spinner design may not be for everyone in all honesty as it does provide a rather niche design. I do think they have an idea in mind but for someone who wants a very straight forward device, this won’t appeal to them. The pod itself can have a tendency to bubble up somewhat when filling if filled too quickly which can take away capacity until the pod is empty. No claps inside the device to secure the pod can be a little bit of a con for me, although there is just the right amount of resistance to prevent the pod slipping out, I would have preferred a latch of some sort to secure the pod. The lack of a mesh coil pod is another con to some extent, although fairly a new idea, it would have made the Rota stand out a lot more if it offered slightly more flavour compared to most others on the market.


The Voopoo rota can well stand as one of the best portable devices on the market today.  Offering excellent performance, vaping experience and a rather unique design. The fidget spinner idea won’t appeal to everyone but the thoughts behind it appears less of a 2 year old fad and more of a practical use. If the device is targeted at smokers looking to quit then it gives them something to concentrate on whilst making the switch over to vaping. At the right price point this could well be a good little companion to former smokers or someone who wants a device to provide stealth vaping.


£19.99 – £26.99  (depending on stockists).