If you are reading this, you are interested in battery safety, fantastic! Depending on what you use, vaping can be the easiest thing in the world, simply fill up, charge and away you go. We have heard the announcement of how much safer vaping is and 99% of you out there will never encounter a problem, save for a device reaching the end of its shelf life or a coil burning out unexpectedly. There is one risk factor in vaping through: batteries – which is completely avoidable if you take some care and follow this advice. It may not be something you ever consider but have a read and familiarise yourself with how to take care of your batteries to ensure you still get the same brilliant experience since switching to vaping.

What are batteries?

Vaping batteries can come in different sizes and are compatible with different types of devices. Internal batteries can be classed as a built in lipo-battery or you can have external batteries which are replaceable. Internally, the battery specifically can vary but an internal battery cannot be replaced and once it gives up, it is time to change device. However, an external battery device can allow you to change the battery once its performance has dropped without having to replace everything. Internal batteries are rather safe, simply charge via the USB port on the device and away you go. Batteries are usually Lithium Ion, designed for high discharge rate and larger capacity compared to your regular ones out of the local shop. They work quite simply with a positive (top) and negative (bottom) connection, with the device making connection to both to discharge the power inside to power your vape. The battery will have an insulating ring on the top of the positive end and be covered in a wrap to protect the user from any false connections.  There are more in depth guides out there, so certainly check them out for a much deeper understanding on how the battery works.

Loose batteries

One of the biggest media stories out there is about batteries exploding in pockets/bags etc. This is because the batteries are being allowed to make a metallic connection and therefore discharging energy, which in a pocket for example there is nowhere for that energy to discharge to, causing injury to the owner. So if you want to carry additional batteries with you then at all times keep them in a battery case to ensure complete safety. Chances are you will get one when you buy your batteries so always make sure they are in a case and not loose in your pocket, otherwise it could end really badly for you.

Tears/rips in battery wrap

Another big cause of batteries venting/exploding is because of the wraps on the battery itself. Any tears you may find in your battery wrap can lead to unwanted connections which can cause a multitude of issues for you or even explosion. If you spot any tears in the battery wrap then stop using it and replace as soon as possible. You can buy battery wraps yourself online if you want to keep using the batteries but it is important to ensure that they are kept in the highest working order. If you ever wonder whether the wrapping is fine then chances are it won’t be, so replace either the batteries or the wraps and you won’t have any issues.

Dents etc in batteries

This is another one to look out for, if there is any dents on either the top or bottom of the battery. This can again cause issues for you as it means the battery is damaged in some way. Whether it be the mod itself causing the issue or any drops/blows to the battery in the past. This will be more of a common issue using mechanical mods over regulated due to the way the contact pin works. It can cause arcing in your batteries, which can lead to misfires/sparking in the future if not looked after. However, the main thing to remember is that any dents you find, stop using the batteries immediately and dispose correctly / replace ASAP.Marrying batteries

This is something that comes into importance with external dual battery devices. What it essentially means is keeping 2 (or 3) batteries together in a pair on your device. The batteries can change between devices but they should always be kept together. This is to make sure the discharge rate is kept the same in both batteries over their lifetime so they discharge power at the same rate and charge at the same rate. You can keep track of batteries by simply marking the wrap or re-wrapping to matching battery wraps when you purchase to ensure there is no mix up when swapping between them. The importance of marrying batteries is something that comes into play further down the battery life cycle. If one battery is discharging at a quicker rate than the other, potentially this can put stress on the older battery causing it to work harder to draw power. The end result of this can be battery stressing which then can lead to venting. Keeping the same two together removes this issue and ensures you will get a smooth experience throughout their lifetime.

Charging batteries

This will be down to advice over facts but how to charge your batteries can be very important. For the most part, charge them in an external battery charger rather than inside the mod. This is to ensure batteries are charged at a balanced rate which again pairs into the idea of marrying batteries. Mods do come with the option of charging balanced within the mod which can be fine when you absolutely need to put a bit of charge in them if you don’t have spares. However, on the most part, you want to regularly use an external charger. Some devices such as DNA mods can ensure safe charging within but they come with a much bigger price tag as a result. So always remember to charge externally when possible to ensure the batteries are balanced and safe.Always buy real batteries

Once you start noticing a big drop in battery performance then it is time to replace your batteries. Always make sure you buy from respected vendors over unknown sources to make sure what you are buying is the genuine article. In the UK, two very respected vendors are Fogstar and 18650, who will also supply battery cases and even spare wraps when purchased through them.  Never buy batteries from an Ebay seller or from a place you aren’t sure about.