Why quit smoking, you may ask yourself? After all, you have no serious illness from it. You may have been vaping for decades without any repercussion. It’s too late for you to quit; you enjoy it. The reasons can be anything, but you have convinced yourself to keep smoking no matter what. Perhaps you have tried to quit before and failed? Perhaps your job dictates that you smoke, perhaps you are too stressed? The list can go on and on, but I am here to tell you that not only is it never too late to quit, but you can do so with ease.

How to quit

This is a pretty big one: how to quit? There have been many different products on the market designed to help people quit smoking, and none have ever worked for you. Perhaps you don’t have the appeal to use them and don’t think they will work? Products such as inhalers, patches, medication, even going cold turkey. What if I told you there was a product on the market available to you from even your local newsagent that would accelerate your quitting overnight? Yes, that’s right, E-cigarettes. Over the past 8 years, a record number of people have quit smoking and switched to vaping worldwide. There have been massive 5% shifts in numbers as shown in the recent study published which in worldwide terms means thousands of people. People just like you, different ages, races, cultures, all quitting smoking because of vaping.

What vaping allows you to do is switch from one nicotine source to another, one that is at least 95% safer. So no nasty chemicals, no carcinogen, no cancer causing ingredients, just three components: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, and Nicotine with added flavours.

Isn’t vaping dangerous?

That is the next question you may ask yourself. After all, the media are constantly telling you it is potentially dangerous, harmful, or just as bad. Let me put it this way: a pencil is all of those things, in the wrong hands! Vaping is as safe as anything else that exists with proper care and usage. The media may talk about popcorn lung, that disease that has only existed in one case, in a popcorn factory, 19 years ago. By the way, there is 100 times more of that nasty stuff in cigarettes, and guess what? Not a single person got popcorn lung from that neither. Are they researching it? They have been researching this for years because they WANT to find something dangerous, and still to this day, they have not found anything. I mean, would the UK be opening vape shops in hospitals or backing vaping as a way to quit if any negative research was credible?

Perhaps you are concerned about batteries exploding? Read between the lines: 75% of vaping batteries exploding revolve around loose batteries connecting with keys/coins/metal in pockets. The same as an AA battery out of your remote would do if treated the same way. The other 25% you read about are people using things far too advanced for their knowledge or skills and something going wrong. What you don’t read is that the one explosion from someone misusing whatever went wrong is offset by millions of people using them on a daily basis.

Too old to quit

Another common thought process: perhaps you have smoked since you were a teenager, and the grey hair on your head suggests you are too far gone? Again, completely untrue, as another research paper has concluded. The second BIGGEST rise in vaping has come from the 50-59 year age group in recent times, otherwise known as ‘Grey Vapers’. What makes it more interesting is that these aren’t industry members; they switched a long time ago. These are people like you, quitting to improve their health. Switching over can have major differences no matter how long you have smoked. That smokers cough? Will be gone within a couple of months. Wheezing? That will be gone within a similar amount of time. Side effects from tobacco? Follow the quit smoking guide closely, as you will see the same benefits as someone who has quit altogether. If nothing else will convince you, Ronnie Wood and Jack Nicholson also made the switch in recent years… Are they too old?

Too Complicated

Another point raised, vaping is too complicated. Or perhaps it is too big, you don’t want to be blowing loads of vapour, or don’t want to be vaping some silly flavour from a silly bottle. Again, this is a common fear in making the switch, but you don’t need to be concerned by this. Devices come in all shapes and sizes, different costs as well. Did you know you could get a kit from your local discount store? 88 Vapes to be specific, found in the likes of Home and Bargain, Asda, and even Poundland. Something designed to be cheap and easy for someone like you, with simple cheap flavours as well. So making the change doesn’t have to have a fancy name or be sourced from a fancy shop. It makes no difference if you buy something from your local newsagent or from a huge online shop, the same effects and benefits will come.

Further advice

Here at the Vape Pocket guide, we are dedicated to helping people just like you in quit vaping. Check out our basic guide to vaping article HERE or perhaps read about our Vaping Myths article HERE. We can only hope that you decide to make the switch much like millions of others, and finally quite the habit. Because the most important thing is your health: it is never too late to make that change.