An electronic cigarette is a handheld device that stimulates a similar effect to a normal cigarette by producing some of the same behavioural aspects. The difference instead of inhaling smoke is the user will inhale what is called vapor.

An e-cig is a slim vapor device that utilizes a battery connected to a tank which uses a coil to heat the e-liquid. E-cigarettes are puffed to produce vapor, while some of them may be activated using power buttons. Due to the rising popularity of e-cigarettes, many innovations have risen with different styles and variations.

When searching for an e-cigarette device, there are many factors to consider such as;

  • Wattage
  • Battery specification, whether it’s an internal or external battery along with the Mah which can help determine the battery life.
  • The tank
  • Coils
  • Nicotine strength

With the help of research into products available in-store or online, and years of vaping experience. I have generated a list of top brands and products, to help you to make the best decision when purchasing vape gear;


Smok is an incredibly popular e-cigarette brand, which is known for its innovation, style and reliability. The company has invested heavily into research and development.

You may know Smok for it’s Smok Alien, Smok Nord Kit, Smok Priv Stick, Smok Priv V8 and more. After purchasing your desired kit, you can find coils, tanks and mods to keep your experience fresh with many colours and patterns available to suit your style and preference.


Aspire is another popular e-cigarette brand which has a lot of innovation within the range of products, for both new and advanced vapers. Popular kits include Aspire K3, Aspire Reax Mini, Zelos 50w and more.

Further accessories are available including coils, mods and tanks.


Vaporesso started in 2015 by its parent company Smoore which was founded in 2006, making it one of the first companies in the industry. With over 800 patents and growing, the company is clear about it’s design and product innovation. Making it an easy choice for vapers, with a variety of vape kits on the market.

The Revenger X & Revenger Mini is a popular product due it’s compact mod size, with sleek design and long battery life.

Vape kits, tanks, mods and coils are available.

Geek Vape

Established in 2015, Geekvape has become a well-known brand within the vaping industry especially due to the rising popularity of the RTA, Griffin. The company has continued to design and innovate it’s products, with a sound development process to ensure quality, innovative and user-friendly are the words left in their customers mind.

Our favourite Geek Vape kit is the Aegis Legend, a well designed, durable box mod which is water and shock resistant. With 2 dual 18650 batteries, and up to 200W output. Ideal for those looking for a reliable and high strength device.

Why should I go with e-cigs? 

E-cigs are well known to help save money, a good e-cigarette can last a long time with good maintenance, while on the contrary, traditional cigarette packs cost about 10 pounds and an average smoker who uses about one pack a day can spend over 200 pounds in a month on cigarettes.

Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemicals with 70 or more known to cause cancer. Enough to make you think twice about picking up your next stick.

E-cigarettes are seen as a quick alternative to quitting, which can also contain nicotine to help with withdrawal symptoms often found when stopping.

If you decide to purchase an e-cigarette kit. You will need to find some e-liquid which tickle your taste buds. There are over 400+ estimated flavours for e-liquid and in different shapes and sizes from 10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml and even up to 200ml.

Popular e-liquid brands include;

12 Monkeys – An excellent e-liquid brand which is considered high-quality and award winning International brand.

Moreish Puff – Established in 2016, the brand now has over 40+ flavours and growing it’s presence with 10 collections including Prosecco, Popcorn, Custard and more.

IVG – IVG is well known for it’s great tasting e-liquids, which is well marketed and strong brand presence. An all round winner when it comes to vape juice. I Vape Great, the name speaks for itself.

Whether you buy an e-liquid with an agreed nicotine strength (normally 3mg, 6mg, 12mg or 18mg) or buy a short-fill bottle with 0mg nicotine and add in extra nicotine shots to make up your preferred strength. Nic salts are also available in 10ml bottles with up to 20mg nicotine, which is premixed with your desired flavour and nicotine strength.

Maintaining your vape kit is important for longevity and overall wellness, if your device uses coils then you should change coils every 1-2 weeks, depending on the device, strength, and e-liquid used.

Before you get started, here are some common mistakes to avoid;

  • Dry Hitting, always ensure you have juice in your tank to avoid burning the coil and thus vaping the smoke.
  • Too high of nicotine strength, if you are just getting started, work up to your desired nicotine strength to suit your requirements.
  • Too much vaping
  • Not cleaning your kit
  • Not changing coils

Will smoking cigarettes last forever?

The number of smokers has dropped considerably. A new report suggests that there were 1.4 billion less cigarettes smoked in 2018, than in 2011 with an estimated 15% drop in the number of smokers. This could be due to a number of reasons including an increased social awareness through smoking bans in public places, advertising legislation, increased cost, health concerns and the introduction of support through NHS services. The UK hopes to rule out smoking cigarettes by 2030.

The Quit Now service from the NHS provides a 28-day support program for those looking to quit, with free tips and advice to help you get started on your journey of a smoke free life.

We hope you enjoyed the article.