Drip Hacks was founded on the ambition to provide an affordable means of vaping, back in 2015. Our early endeavours involved the sale of E-Liquid and hardware on eBay in the days prior to the dreaded TPD, and what a time it was for the industry! Because the market was unregulated, we were free to sell what we liked in volumes the market demanded, and our product range quickly evolved to accommodate this ever-growing demand. Due to popularity, we launched our first website shortly after and our sales seriously took off.  However, once the TPD was announced and vendors were given a timeframe in which to prepare, we decided to completely stop the sale of E-Liquid and switch over to concentrates only, in order to cater to a young but vibrant niche within the greater market: DIY.

Once we had a foothold in the DIY arena, we quickly became known for our high-quality flavours and our unrelenting will to provide the best product available. Once the TPD was in full effect, we experienced huge growth in reach, ability and reputation, launching us into the spotlight to become one of the dominant brands in the DIY vaping scene. Our product range has seen a similar expansion, and our flagship product remains to this day: the Hackhsot. A simple concept, but one that’s proving to be a winner as customers recognise the advantage it holds over conventional, ready to vape E-Liquid.

Whilst we still operate within the DIY market, we’re back to selling E-Liquid in the form of shortfills, an opportunity to allow our customers to purchase their favourite flavours in smaller, pocket friendly volumes. It also gives new customers a chance to test flavours without committing to the hackshots which produce 250ml of E-Liquid. Obviously, ready to vape E-Liquid is still hugely popular, and a staple product in all brick and mortar stores worldwide. Our brand prospers in stores all over the world, even converting vapers to DIY vapers once they cotton on the to savings represented in mixing the liquid themselves. We’ve done all the hard work in formulating great flavours, all you need to do is mix 3-4 ingredients together, shake, steep, and vape. It’s a win-win scenario!

Whilst adhering to regulations and pursuing excellence in all regards, our brand has become an internationally recognised symbol for innovation, quality and value. Often imitated, never replicated.