Vaptio Tyro AIO kit Review
Great Coil PerformanceGood battery life for MTL vapingWell designed locking mechanism and airflowFantastic build quality
Tank attached to the mod can be fiddly Battery a little small for DL vapingSmall CapacityBattery Indicator not accurate enough
4.1A fantastic AIO kit from Vaptio
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Vaptio are a company that for a long time they have delivered great quality products that have just been hard to buy.  Whether it was exclusivity for certain websites or the price, it has been difficult for the company over here to really make a name for themselves.  This is a shame because their products have always been great from the superhero range to the more boring standard products.  The Tyro is pone of those great ideas, an all in one kit that offers both sub ohm and MTL vaping.  However does it perform as well as others and is it worth seeking out?

In the Box

  • 1 x Tyro Kit
  • 1 x Tyro/Cosmo C1 Ceramic Coil (1.6ohm)
  • 1 x Tyro/Cosmo C2 Cotton Coil (0.7ohm)
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x USB Cable


  • 19 x 122 mm
  • 1500mAh internal battery
  • Max wattage 25w
  • 2ml tank capacity
  • Bottom adjustable airflow

About the Vaptio Tyro

The Tyro aims to be an all in one kit, to offer vapers everything they could want from their kit.  The device is a 1500 mAh internal battery device chargeable via USB port. Featured on the mod.  It has a front square fire button that comes with 2 light colours, white for charged, blue for half power and red for low power.  The device has a Max wattage of 25w and auto adjusts to the coil used to optimise vaping power to the coil.

The tank part of the device is connected to the mod and comes in with a 2 mil capacity.  The tank has a replaceable 510 drip tip and comes with 2 Cosmo coils, the 1.6 ohm MTL coil and the 0.7 ohm DL coil.  The filling mechanism is a side fill style at the top of the tank part with a V to indicate closed and a turn to reveal the fill hole.  The air holes operate in a similar style with turning the base of the tank revealing both MTL air holes and DL wide options.  To insert the coil, simple unscrew the top tank part and screw the coil directly into the top of the mod.

Vaptio Tyro Pros

First of all the build quality on this is excellent from the metallic body to the solid feel.  The fire button is really clicky and there has been no sticking issues, with the paintwork as well nice and solid with no risk of scratches through general wear and tear.   The mod is very responsive with the power hitting harder at DL and still offering a solid output for MTL and it fires fast. The 1500 mAh battery is great for MTL vaping and the mod will give you over a days worth of use using the MTL coil.  The filling port having a locking indicator via the V is fantastic as it gives you that little bit of confirmation after refilling.  The 2mil capacity is great for MTL vaping but a little small for the DL coil inside the box.  The fact it is a replaceable drip tip is another pro because it could have been easier to lock that part down for the idea of the AIO kit but giving you the option to change is always a positive.  The charge time of around 90 minutes is quite fast and means you won’t be having to charge this every couple of hours.

The coils provide a really nice flavour and perform well with both regular and nic salt liquids due to the great wicking inside.  The DL coil is not suited for higher nicotine but the MTL coil is great for it and the flavour is pretty consistent throughout the vape.  It is worth mentioning as well that the tank is compatible with Aspire Nautilus coils so it offers a choice of how you want to vape MTL.

Vaptio Tyro Cons

The first con for me is the light indicator dropping extremely quick from middle to low battery.  It would have been nice to have a little bit ore of a buffer before it gets time to recharge.  The battery could have benefited from an extra 500 mAh for the DL coil as well with the added wattage from that being a drain on the smaller battery.

The only real con for the tank I found was the AIO design being attached to the mod.  I prefer a detachable tank in a kit so the fact it is part of the mod can be a little difficult to replace the coil if the tank is half full of liquid.


Vaptio are continuing their trend of practical devices and the Tyro is the best example yet of this.  Offering an adaptable vaping style device with a fantastic build quality and coil performance, this is going to be another big hit for them.  Pricing at around £30 as well is another bonus as it makes the kit affordable and the option of the nautilus coils makes is quite versatile for MTL vapers.  This could be very popular with new vapers looking for a well performing kit.

Price: £29.99 RRP