In an industry that is flooded with different types of mods, in all shapes and sizes with many different uses, it can be difficult to break down exactly which one is the right one for you. Some are designed for specific functions, others are designed to be universal. The terminology however can be confusing so here at the Vape Pocket Guide, we are here to help. So everything you ever wanted to know about vape mods but were too afraid to ask? We have you covered.

What are Vape Mods

Mods as they are commonly known, are the devices that store and supply the power to your vaping tank on top and depending on type, provide functionality. The devices can come in two different forms as explained below.

Regulated Mods

These are what is the majority of the market today and for good reason. A regulated mod uses a chip inside to provide safety for the user and come with many safety features installed. Whether a external or internal battery style device, they are designed to control your vape for you and keep you safe within the regular confine of regular vaping.

Unregulated Mods

Unregulated Mods remove the safety features for a more basic approach to vaping. Using one of these style of devices is only for the experts out there as there is no battery / tank protection and can be dangerous without the appropriate level of knowledge and care.

The make up of a mod however is largely similar in both designs with the same functionality provided. They will all come with a fire button to use the device and a shut off function also. However deep down, whether a device comes with 101 options or not, they are designed to do the same role, to fire the tank. All devices are designed with safety in mind and they come with safety features installed, except for mechanical mods, more to come on that however.

Types of Mods

Internal battery mods

Internal battery mods are designed to house an internal power supply much like other rechargeable devices. They are designed to be sealed and the batteries cannot be replaced. Capacity wise they are usually smaller than an external battery powered mod depending on the capacity and can be charged via a USB cable. The benefit from internal battery devices is that they can be designed smaller as they do not have to adhere to fitting a standard battery inside.

External Battery Mods

External battery mods are designed to use batteries that can be removed and charged externally. These types of devices come compatible with different types of batteries so always check before purchasing which type they will take. External battery mods are recommended to be used with an external battery charger for both safety and battery longevity.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are a very advanced user style device that allows a vaper to use the power of the battery rather than a set limit to power their tank. A mechanical mod, combined with a rebuildable tank, require a very high understanding of ohms law and battery capacity to be able to utilise safely in vaping. A mechanical mod gets its name from the way in which it is designed, shying away from the added safety features of your regular mod and instead are very simple designed devices. A simple circuit that pushes a connection with the battery as the fire button is pushed, releasing the full power of the battery in one go. As batteries depreciate, the hit of the vape goes down. This style of device is often made out of metal rather than the many styles that a regulated mod adopts. A mechanical mod cannot be used with a stock coil tank and therefore should not be tried at home.

Pod Systems

Pod systems are fairly new to the market but have since made quite the impact. Looking to provide an easy way of vaping, they take inspiration from your regular closed pod style systems associated with companies lime JUUL but increase the quality and performance. A Pod system can come with either a replaceable or non replaceable pod. A Non replaceable pod has a closed pod style, which is disposed of when the coil has gone. A replaceable pod utilises replaceable coils much like a standard tank and often come with a different range. All pod systems however come with a small internal battery style device that has a much lower capacity than a regular external device and is designed for lower powered MTL vaping. Most pods are non adjustable and can come with an automatic or fire button draw control. However new to the market are adjustable power style pod kits, which although still in their infancy, are offering a bridge between regular and pod style mods.

Vaping batteries

So you have decided which type of device you want to purchase but are unsure on which batteries you want to use? Fear not, we have you covered there as well.

There are different types of batteries available for vaping on the market today with each one offering a different function and positive from using it. the batteries are made from lithium-ion similar to a phone battery and are designed for high discharge compared to cheaper brands that are designed for low powered devices such as torches. This is why it is always important for safety reasons to purchase batteries from trusted sources as an untested battery can lead to issues such as venting or explosions.


The standard Vaping battery on the market today and utilised by the majority of devices on the market. The 18650 is a high discharge battery that usually has a amp rating between 20-30 amps, and often used parallel to each other in most devices on the market. The 18650 can be found made by respected companies such as Sony, Samsung and LG as examples and provide solid vaping experiences

21700 / 20700

these types of batteries have only really entered the market within the last 12 months and are slowly being adopted by vaping companies to power their devices. The advantages these types of batteries can bring is through a higher discharge rate and capacity which can lead to longer battery life. The only real difference between the two is a slight size in battery and carry a higher price tag than the 18650, with a much lower compatible market currently.

Battery safety is always an up-most priority in vaping and abusing batteries like any other powered device can lead to negative outcomes and potentially danger. It is always advised within the vaping industry to charge batteries through an external battery charger from a leading brand to ensure safe and prolonged battery life.

Two such places that are highly recommended for purchasing batteries that are both tested and trusted Fogstar and which have an extremely high standard within the industry.

So hopefully we have helped you learn a thing or two about the range of different mods on the market today. Always remember that the type of device used requires different levels of care, control and batteries. Always check up before making a purchase to ensure that you are buying the right mod for your needs, you can always refer to this handy guide or check out some of our excellent reviews for all the latest mod releases this year.