Vapes have gone from being a contemporary fad to an essential resource for people’s consumption of cigarettes or medical marijuana. However, did you know that the traditional vape product can easily provide a leeway for hackers to access your computer? You have to be careful in using vape pens, and this guide should identify all you need to know about this issue:

Vape Pens for Hacking Computers – How it Works?

Recent I.T research has shown that hackers can easily modify e-cigarettes into tools for hacking computers. It usually involves a few minor modifications, which hackers aim at targeting weaknesses in your computer’s system. A good example would be the PoisonTap, a system that one can use to break down locked machines.

The hackers work by directing arbitrary commands to a computer when you plug it in for charging purposes. People have also shown the many vulnerabilities that exist with using vape pens. A good example is that people can easily create notepad scripts that target vulnerabilities in computer systems. While e-cigarettes are small in size, they still work efficiently in directing malicious code to a computer device. 

However, not many people know the many vulnerabilities that such systems present to the average computer user. Vape hacks are simple to perform, which can easily break down the functions of your computer.

Ways to Stay Safe Against an E-Cigarette Hack

There are various ways through which you can use to stay safe against an e cigarette hack, including:

Use Invisible Spy Apps for Android

One of the best ways to safeguard your device against vape hacks is to use invisible spy apps for Android, iPhone, or Windows. The application works in the background of your device’s operations to track and record your data. However, you also have to consider that these apps are available on subscription packages you purchase. You also have to create a user account for accessing the data and have a good internet connection.

Invest in An Antivirus Program

The following solution is an antivirus program that you use to ensure your device is safe from computer spyware or software. Antivirus software protects you from viruses, potential hacking threats, and malicious scripts from the vape pen. The best recommendation for you is to invest in a reputable antivirus software program. Doing this helps ensure you receive real-time updates and information about the functions your device should support. Phone users can also seek out Android or iPhone antivirus suite packages.

Update Your Device

An essential aspect of securing your devices involves ensuring it’s well updated. You have to connect it to the internet, so it helps update antivirus databases and the basic system security functions on your device. The updates have to occur at the right time to help ensure the best results for the device’s security needs. You can set your device to perform the updates at specific times and dates for your convenience. The updates will also help protect you from invisible spy apps for Android or iPhone. Again remember the importance of investing in a reputable antivirus product. 

Avoid Connecting Vapes to Your Computer 

The last recommendation is for you to avoid connecting your vapes to a computer altogether. You have to do this because you never know when a vape pen carries dangerous software code. The only vape pen you can connect to your device is the one you brought from the store. Do this if you have lots of important data on your device, such as company records. 


Keeping your device safe from hacks requires a unique approach to ensure the best results. You have to try various measures and realise that you are not safe even from small things such as vape pens. Learn more about this issue, you don’t get hacked by vaping.