There are far more options available in the world of vaping than there were two or three years ago, as the industry has continued to mature and evolve. To those who are new to vapes, all the different types and technologies can be daunting and make it hard to know where to even start.  

One type of device that has been getting a lot of attention in the vaping media recently is the new kind of vaping technology that has appeared under the CCELL banner. Here, we will take a look at exactly what CCELL technology entails, what makes it different to other vapes and why the vaping world is getting so excited about it.  

CCELL – the basics  

To start at the beginning, CCELL is an abbreviation of ceramic cell. It’s a new type of heating technology that has been developed specifically for the vaping industry that uses a ceramic cartridge with a heating coil embedded in it.  

The CCELL is designed to cope with more viscous oils such as CBD and THC. It has become a go-to product for those who vape cannabis oils due to its smooth performance, reliability, sleek design and impressive battery life. Let’s look at each of those factors in a little more detail.  

Smooth performance 

The ceramic wick in a CCELL vape is inherently more efficient than the conventional cotton wick as it doesn’t burn, so you do not get that burnt flavor you experience with cheaper vapes. More importantly, you do not inhale the compounds of combustion – the whole point of vaping instead of smoking. The CCELL also features multiple tiny inlet holes to evenly absorb, store and vaporize the oil for smooth delivery every time.  


The vape sector has experienced incredible growth. Anyone who has been vaping for a few years will know that this has meant some substandard products have flooded the market from time to time. CCELL is a breath of fresh air as its products have an extremely low failure rate of around one in a million. It demonstrates that the manufacturers walk the walk as well as talking the talk when it comes to quality management – the CCELL QA team numbers around 200 people.  

Sleek design 

CCELL pods come in a range of colors and designs. Many are little larger than a USB stick, so are ideal for those who like to be inconspicuous about their vaping. Some people like to wear their CCELLs on a chain – it’s the latest accessory for the 21st century, which really isn’t such a strange thing when you think of it as the modern day equivalent to a sleek cigarette holder or lighter.  

Impressive battery life 

Lithium ion battery power lies at the heart of CCELL products and that means a level of efficiency that can’t be beaten. Exact battery life depends on the type of CCELL vape that you choose, but the CCELL silo, for example, is activated when you inhale and lasts for about a week on a single charge under regular usage conditions.