What is vaping

What is Vaping?

What is vaping? The most basic term for a whole industry of different types of tanks / mods and even vaping styles. Vaping is as simple or as complicated as you... Read More...
Vaptio Tyro AIO kit Review

Vaptio Tyro AIO kit Review

Vaptio are a company that for a long time they have delivered great quality products that have just been hard to buy.  Whether it was exclusivity for certain we... Read More...
Quit smoking

Why Quit Smoking?

Why quit smoking, you may ask yourself? After all, you have no serious illness from it. You may have been vaping for decades without any repercussion. It's too ... Read More...
war against vaping

The War against Vaping

In a world which has welcomed a new way of giving up smoking, there is always going to be resistance to change.  Whether that be from the pharmaceutical compani... Read More...

The Culture of Vaping

Vaping may currently be the big thing in the world but to me it doesn’t feel like it.  The more vaping grows in today’s society, the more it becomes frowned upo... Read More...